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Hormone Rebalance Program 4 month coaching session

Hormone Rebalance Program 4 month coaching session

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Hormone Rebalance Program 4 month coaching session

Welcome to your 16 week Hormone Rebalance Journey

 Are you sick of having heavy painful periods, chronic stress, and vaginal problems? Do you suffer from fibroids, yeast infections, thyroid issues, endometriosis, cyst, or over vaginal issues? Then this journey is for YOU. Its always the perfect time to jump start your body for the Summer. In this program you will learn how to eat the right foods to keep your hormones balanced, heal your gut, your liver, and your cycle (for menstruating people), develop new habits that regulate stress, relieve anxiety, heal period pains and problems, heal estrogen dominance and progesterone levels, clear your skin, boost your immunity and so much more! The hormones are responsible for most major functions in the body. There is a direct connection with the with the brain and body through the glands and endocrine system. The hormones act as chemical messengers to send responses throughout the body, we're just going to change the message. 

This program can benefit people experiencing the following symptoms : 

- PMDD and PMS 

- Fibroids 

-Heavy or light menstruation 

-PCOS and Cyst 


-Hormonal Acne 

-Hair loss 

-Under or Active thyroid issues

 -Migraines and Headaches

 -Chronic Yeast and Bacterial infections 


-Irregular, or non existent cycle 

-Irritable ,Moodiness ,Easily stressed 

- High + Low Blood Pressure 

-Muscle aches and pains

- Vertigo , Dizziness when standing up

+ More

You can expect to see the following changes in your body after you complete the 6 weeks thoroughly : 

1. A lighter period with little to no cramps, YAY 

2. A healthy gut and bowel movements. Improves your metabolism 

3. Healing from your vaginal symptoms and chronic problems 

4. For some, you might drop some weight 

5. Clearer skin 

6. More energy in the mornings and throughout your day without caffeine 

7. Less Stress, being able to handle and react to stress healthier 

8. Stronger nails and hair growth 

You will receive a link to login to the course. Here you can download the recipe book ( Vegan + Meat meal plans available ) ,

Read about hormones, Find the supplements and apps to download, and list of things to do or rearrange to prepare you for our journey. Please email me with any questions. Don't hesitate to ask. This will be predominantly dairy free unless you can source dairy from fresh farms I suggest you go dairy free. In this 6 week Program for the LIVE one on one sessions with Imani you will meet 2x a week for a total of 12 one on one sessions. The 12 sessions will all be recorded and catered specific to you and your personal needs. This is excellent for those who need one on one help or the program to be guided to fit the person and the lifestyle completely.  

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Persons under the age of 18 should not purchase, use, consume, or otherwise
acquire any of the ancient herbal remedies’ teas.
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Customer Reviews

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Donna W.

Since late last year, I was dealing with extremely heavy periods and painful cramps (cramps that had me doubled over in the shower and kept me up at night). I was even in pain when I wasn't on my period. I was also struggling with digestive issues, insomnia, extreme fatigue, etc. I was in pain every single day. I was starting to think that I would need to deal with this for the rest of my life.
I started Imani's one-on-one coaching program the first week of September. The diet change and making sure to eat breakfast 90 minutes within waking up and eating lunch and dinner at the right time for me made a world of difference. I was so shocked. At the end of the first week, I woke up feeling energized for the first time in a year! I went for a long walk and felt amazing after; I was so happy I could cry! This was a huge deal for me as the week before I couldn't walk long distances without getting heart palpitations or feeling drained.
Since September, my flow has been lighter and I have zero cramps! I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night and wake up feeling rested! I now have way more energy (before starting the program it was difficult for me to keep my eyes open for long).
Learning about liver health was so fascinating to me. I've been on thyroid medication for 10 years and I never thought about how that impacts my liver.
Imani recommended foods to support my liver as well as ways to reduce exposure to environmental toxins.
I love how hands-on Imani is. I really looked forward to our Zoom sessions each week. I felt so supported. The most important lesson I learnt over the past few weeks is that healing isn't linear; it's like waves. I'll eat properly and feel amazing one day and the next I might eat something that doesn't agree with me and feel sick. I am learning to give myself grace.
I've learnt that small changes make a huge difference in
how we feel overall (mentally, physically, spiritually). I've developed a routine that has me feeling better than I have in over a year!
It took me a few months to sign up for this program. But I took the leap and finally did it and I am so so thankful that I did! I'm grateful for Imani - her wisdom, her support, her kindness.

Great program!

Imani is very hands-on throughout the entire program. The course is full of information, the meals are personalized to your body type and you go over your human design and birth chart. 10/10 recommend!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the teas last?

Your teas can last up to 4 months stored in a cool dry place. This is a 6 week supply of tea.

Is this tea safe with other medications?

Always check with your doctor first. We provide a full list of ingredients upon request.

What are the main ingredients in your teas?

Red raspberry & Nettle

Can I take this tea while on birth control?

Always consult with your doctor first. You can take most teas while on birth control except the Daily Vitamin Tea because it contains Alfalfa. Alfalfa has the possibility of counteracting with your birth control.

Is this tea safe while pregnant?

We only have one pregnancy tea, The Divine Mother Tea which can be taken after the first trimester. Please consult with your doctor before use.