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Ancient Herbal Remedies

Online Introductory Training for Human Design

Online Introductory Training for Human Design

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This class was recorded on 7/20 but available to purchase for recording, its a 3 hour lecture.

I am hosting an online introductory training for human design of learning your strategy + authority!!! You asked, and I answered. I have been using human design since last year and I am THRIVING EFFORTLESSLY! I truly want this for you all but I realize that although you might be learning you might not know how to apply the knowledge that you learn in your daily life. Where can you go to find answers? Here!!!

I’ve learned that you will never be able to open yourself up and listen / do the work you are here to do if you are bitter at those around you for not recognizing you and you are doing everything you can to try and be seen, heard, or recognized. Let me teach you your life strategy + authority to flow through life. Life doesnt have to be hard. For a long time I thought that my success, happiness, and stability was dependent upon how hard I worked but it felt like the harder I worked the more resistance I faced. It felt as if everyone else was moving past me and I just couldn’t get a handle on the small things like a stable income, a stable relationship with others and feeling loved and recognized within myself.

The deconditioning process begins with becoming aware of who you are and who you are not. It is an active process that you get to play with and experiment with in your day to day experience. You are perfectly enough just the way you are. Your life and success does not start once you become _____ . Deconditioning is about letting go, forgiving, and redirecting the energy away from the “trying” to be who you are not. Let me help guide your thoughts into a space that makes sense for you. I understand mental pressure and I can help others find peace within their own minds Manifest the life you've always desired using the gifts and talents you already have! If you're here its because you want to be _____, but you're struggling with it and that's ok. So many people try every manifestation hack, take every course, book every reading and still can't seem to attract what they really want. You were made to communicate with the universe in a specific way.You have your own unique energy, and when you learn to speak its language… that’s where true alignment occurs. That’s why leveraging your human design to understand your unique codes to success is going to change the way you think about manifesting and attracting your wants in this life. 

A introductory class in unlocking your unique codes to true abundance through human design. 

Inside this live class you will learn : 

Dive into learning your strategy and authority 

Dive into learning your challenges, gifts, life codes, and attitude of your strategy 

Dive into learning how to stop making decisions from the mind and using your strategy and authority

Learn your specific profile type to help you better integrate your design + authority 



Persons under the age of 18 should not purchase, use, consume, or otherwise
acquire any of the ancient herbal remedies’ teas.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So much fun and very informative!

I'd been trying to learn as much as I could about human design online, but every resource I came across was very vague or required I pay to view it. I saw myself wasting a lot of money just trying to figure out the basics, so I decided to splurge on an in-depth class by Imani and was NOT disappointed!

This is my first purchase from Imani and I will definitely be back! She brings such a fun, inclusive vibe to the Zoom classroom. And she has a lot of information and experience to share! Not only does she teach the basics of human design, but she shares her own experience living her design and the experiences of those around her. The whole time she was teaching it felt like talking to a friend - and witnessing her connect with her past clients was so inspiring! The relationships they share are beautiful. Definitely made me want to book a reading.

To be transparent, I was worried when I first booked the class that I was overpaying and would regret spending so much. But, having experienced it, Imani would be cheating herself if she charged any less. So if that's keeping you from buying it - know it's well worth your money!

Maranda Erickson
The invite to give yourself permission to be who you’ve always been

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts!” Are you recognizing who you are? Allow Imani's clear, concise, and practical guidance to give you the space to explore the innate wisdom you have and connect deeply to your body’s intelligence over the mind. Begin to uncover and tap into your hidden self through discovery and mastery that'll bring you the recognition you deserve.

... and this was just after class 1!

Ready for more

Imani’s class was so informative & interesting! She helped me to recognize some patterns that fit with my Human Design & others that have piqued my interest in aligning more with my design. I can’t wait for future classes :)


Super informative class! Imani really poured her all into this class. She really goes into depth about every type. Definitely worth it! I learned so much and I'm so excited for the next course!

Human design class

Imani deliverd AGAIN! I have followed her astro courses and i was so excited when she announced that she would be given a human design class.

This was so informative and very detailed! She puts a lot of love and effort in het course and teaches with so much excitement. Imani is a true gem and i cant wait for her next class. I Will follow all her classss and i recommend you to do that too if you are interessed in human design and if you want to change your life in a positive way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the teas last?

Your teas can last up to 4 months stored in a cool dry place. This is a 6 week supply of tea.

Is this tea safe with other medications?

Always check with your doctor first. We provide a full list of ingredients upon request.

What are the main ingredients in your teas?

Red raspberry & Nettle

Can I take this tea while on birth control?

Always consult with your doctor first. You can take most teas while on birth control except the Daily Vitamin Tea because it contains Alfalfa. Alfalfa has the possibility of counteracting with your birth control.

Is this tea safe while pregnant?

We only have one pregnancy tea, The Divine Mother Tea which can be taken after the first trimester. Please consult with your doctor before use.