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Becoming Magnetic : How to date from the healed version of you

Becoming Magnetic : How to date from the healed version of you

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How to date from the healed version of you

This seminar is for dynamic, passionate, ambitious, beautiful, brilliant women who are ready to release anxious attachment and unsatisfactory situation ships to transform into confident women who attract healthy fulfilling relationships from the healed you. 

Becoming Magnetic

You're not going to end up alone! This is the first thing you need to understand before you learn how to become magnetic. To become magnetic is to become the very essence of attracting a new high value relationship in your life. Let's get some things clear : The universe is your sugar daddy! Now that you know you have a sugar daddy you can relax again. Stop trying to do all the work. Let the universe show up for you and prove to you that it loves and supports you. Until you accept the universe as your sugar daddy you will never become magnetic.

Instead you will continue to have anxiety and fear. You will go into a hyper independent woman state of, I need to fix everything and I need to do it for him. Which will eventually attract a situation ship with a man you end up doing everything for, sometimes even the romance included.

Women like us have this tendency to think - if I don't get this done then he won't do it. 

I don't know about you, but my relationship goals consist of me having freedom. Being able to be with someone who can support and uplift me both financially and spiritually. I want to be able to wake up in my 40s and decide I'm going to now be an art collector and own a museum because my partner does not have me in survival mode. If reading that made you feel uncomfortable then this class is definitely for you!

In this course we will go over : 

Meeting people online and in person.

How to set up your online profile to attract eligible suitors.

Communicating your standards and needs with grace.

The signs of a good partner and healthy relationship. 

The strategies to help strengthen the relationship after the honey moon phase.

How to transform your energy into attraction. 

The price now is the early bird special until 11/11/2023 


Persons under the age of 18 should not purchase, use, consume, or otherwise
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How long do the teas last?

Your teas can last up to 4 months stored in a cool dry place. This is a 6 week supply of tea.

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Always check with your doctor first. We provide a full list of ingredients upon request.

What are the main ingredients in your teas?

Red raspberry & Nettle

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We only have one pregnancy tea, The Divine Mother Tea which can be taken after the first trimester. Please consult with your doctor before use.